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Welcome to the slush pile of raw talent. Here you will find voices that are fresh, exciting, edgy, and new. They will make you fall out of your chair, rolling on the floor laughing. They will make your heart weep with grief so profound, it will take you weeks to forget it. Your heart will pound with the beat of first love, desire, passion. You will be lost in worlds of fantasy and death. Here you will meet your needle in the haystack, your rising star in the literary world.

This website is designed to get our authors more attention and to ensure that agents, editors, publishers, fellow authors can see the talent that is out there.  I have recently become a kindle addict and was given the rare pleasure of finding so many good books that never made it to a publisher's desk because an agent either didn't see it or was afraid to take a chance on it.

I have this very disturbing image in my head every time I go to send out a query either by email or snail mail. I see a group of interns sitting around the office, opening our letters and packages with a bored expression. Sometimes I wonder if the agent actually looks at our queries or if they never make it past the interns.

It's funny really when you think of it the way I do. Imagine Betty Sue opening letter after letter, saying, trash, trash, trash, then randomly tossing one onto the maybe pile.

Do they actually read them? There are so many standard form rejections out there. Yes, I do realize how busy most agents are and have no time to send personalized rejections. The ones that do, I tend to appreciate that much more because I know how busy they are.

That image of the interns just sitting around, tossing our hopes and dreams into the rejection pile without anything but a cursory glance got me thinking and the idea for this blog was born.

Why not have a spot where authors can not only post their queries? It will be available for any agent, editor, or publisher to view. The more media attention we get as writers, the better chance we have of getting published.

All work on this site will remain the copywrited protection of the original author and any violators will be held accountable and legal action may be taken against them. 

Well no more.  This blog website is going to be sent to every agent, publishing house, small independent publisher, and editor I can track an email address down for.

Authors, email us your queries and the genre to put them in and we will post them for all to comment on and agents, editors, and publishers to snatch up.

Queries should be sent to:

Let's get published.